Example Soil Test Report (Lawn & Garden)

The Example Soil Test Reports are in exactly the same format as the one you received in the mail from the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory. One example contains recommendations for a Home Lawn and the other example contains recommendations for a Vegetable Garden. The reports cover two very different situations and our discussion of them should be useful to you in understanding your own report no matter what type of plants you are growing. You will probably find it helpful to open the Example Reports now and print copies, so that you can refer to them as we go through their various parts. Example Soil Test Report – Home Lawn (PDF), Example Soil Test Report – Vegetable Garden (PDF).

The University of Minnesota Soil Test Report contains five sections that with one exception we will go through in the same order as they appear in the report:

  1. Header
  2. Soil Test Results
  3. Interpretation of Soil Test Results
  4. Recommendations
  5. Explanation of Soil Test Report

The Header, Soil Test Results, Interpretation of Soil Test Results, and Recommendations sections are on the first page of the Soil Test Report. The “Explanation of Soil Test Report” section is on a separate page and is included with the Example Reports. We will not go through the information on the Explanation page as a separate section, but will refer to different parts of it as we go through related information in the other sections.