Farm/Field and Commercial Horticulture Crops

Fields from above.

These tests are intended for farm fields or fields being used to grow commercial horticultural crops. The reports for soil samples submitted with the Farm/Field and Commercial Horticulture Soil Analysis Request Sheet will include crop-specific fertilizer recommendations. 

How to Submit Samples for Analysis

  1. Follow the instructions for collecting field samples. 
  2. Place sample(s) in a tightly sealed container or bag (like a clean, disposable food container or bag)
  3. Download & print the Farm/Field and Commercial Horticulture Soil Analysis Request Sheet (PDF)
  4. Enclose a check payable to the University of Minnesota for all services requested. The cost is $15 per sample. Do NOT send cash - we cannot be responsible for cash sent through the mail. 
  5. Send the soil sample(s), money, and information sheet to us at:
    Soil Testing Laboratory, University of Minnesota
    Room 135, Crops Research Building
    1902 Dudley Ave.
    St. Paul, MN 55108

    Alternatively, you may  drop off your samples at the above address.  See Contact Us for directions.

Tests Offered

Fertilizer recommendations for optimum yield are based on laboratory results, soil characteristics, past crop history, and crop nutrient requirements.