Agricultural Liming Materials

Analysis and Pricing

These tests are offered to Agricultural Liming Material producers and others who want to evaluate the quality of liming materials. There are three analyses performed on agricultural liming materials to determine the Effective Neutralizing Power (ENP). They include:

  1. Purity or Total Neutralizing Power,
  2. Particle size, percent passing through 8, 20 and 60 mesh sieves, and
  3. Moisture content.

The Liming Materials Analysis Request Sheet (xlsx) contains all current prices. When sending a sample, provide FIVE POUNDS of material and make sure the container is air-tight (and will not open during shipping).

MDA Sampling Requirements

Please see the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's sampling requirements webpage. Information on the entire Ag Liming Materials program can be found here.

Note for Quicklime Samples

For quicklime samples, please include the appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and check the box on the submission form. This makes our technicians aware of any additional safety hazards and may improve the accuracy of your results. Make sure to comply with any necessary requirements for shipping these samples.


Samples are retained for three months after reports are generated.  After that, they are discarded.