Estimated Soil Texture and Organic Matter

To estimate soil texture, relative amounts of sand, silt, and clay are determined by the feel of the soil in a moist condition. Soils are then classified into one of five categories: C (Coarse textures of sand, loamy sand and sandy loam), M (Medium textures of loam and silt loam), F (Fine textures of clay loam, silty clay loam, silty clay and clay), P (Peat), or K (MucK).

* - Peat and Muck are, by definition, Organic Soils, having greater than 19% Organic Matter by weight.


Percent Organic Matter is determined by weighing an oven-dried sample of soil, burning it in a 360o oven for two hours, and then weighing again after the sample has cooled to room temperature.  % organic matter is determined by the weight loss-on-ignition.