Example Soil Test Report (Agronomic Crops)

The Example Soil Test Report (PDF) is in exactly the same format as the one you received in the mail from the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory. It contains recommendations for corn, but our discussion of it will be useful to you in understanding your own report no matter what crops you are growing. You will probably find it helpful to open the example report now and print a copy of it, so that you can refer to it as we go through its various parts. 

The University of Minnesota Soil Test Report contains five sections that we will go through in the same order as they appear in the report:

The Header, INTERPRETATION OF SOIL TEST RESULTS, SOIL TEST RESULTS, and RECOMMENDATIONS sections are on the first page of the Soil Test Report . The Comments section is on a separate page and is included with the Example Report. It lists 25 explanatory comments that may be noted by number in the RECOMMENDATIONS section. If you are growing corn, you were also sent an information sheet New Nitrogen Guidelines for Corn Production in Minnesota (.doc) that you will use to determine the nitrogen fertilizer rate that best fits your field and situation. We will not go through that information here, because the document itself outlines the procedure for using the new guidelines.