Comments (Agronomic Crops)

The “Comments” page is the second page of the Soil Test Report. As noted above, Comments 3, 5, 11, 18, and 24 were listed in the RECOMMENDATIONS section of the report. These comments provide explanatory information that will help you apply fertilizer and lime effectively and efficiently. Comment 3, for example, tells you that you should broadcast and incorporate lime 6-12 months before seeding to allow time for it to react with the soil and sufficiently raise pH for the next crop. Comment 5 says that when low rates of potash are recommended you can double the suggested rate and broadcast in alternate years. Comment 11 gives some precautions about fertilizer materials and rates when applying fertilizer in contact with the seed and Comment 18 talks about subtracting the nutrients contained in manure applications from fertilizer recommendations. Comment 24 also discusses liming and tells you how to calculate the actual amount of lime to apply in terms of the lime recommendation that is given in ENP units. Be sure to read through the listed comments and apply the ones that are appropriate to your situation.