Nutrient Management P

For situations involving soil phosphorus and nutrient management decisions where extractable P is likely to exceed 100 ppm on the Bray test and 50 ppm on the Olsen test. The range for the nutrient management P test is 20-250 ppm. This test is basically the same as the Olsen P test, but with a dilution of the extract before colorimetric analysis. In detail: A 1 gram scoop of soil and 20 milliliters of 0.5 molar sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) solution are shaken for 30 minutes. The mixture is filtered and the filtrate is diluted 5 X with sodium bicarbonate. Color is developed with the molybdate-blue/ascorbic acid method. The intensity of blue color, corresponding to the amount of P in the extract, is measured with the Brinkman PC 900 Probe Colorimeter at 880 nm. Results are reported as parts per million (ppm) extractable phosphorus (P) in the soil.

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